The Slumps

April 28, 2017

Most days I am on it. I wake up early, (I am in no way a night owl) I go to yoga or gym, I always exercise. I truly believe this routine helps me and my creativity. If I don’t I start the day like this I kinda feel foggy and less motivated. But once I got back from the States, I hit a wall. And I struggled not for just a day or two, but two weeks. Everything was an effort. My yoga and gym didn’t help. Everything I did was either incredibly hard work or terrible, or both. My therapist this time was Google and I researched with varying amounts of enthusiasm “What to do when uninspired “ And you know what came back most often – travel. Which makes sense right? But perhaps so much not when you have just returned from travelling. Something was off.

Which got me thinking, maybe I need to make more of this nomadic job I have. I can work, anywhere (mostly) sure I love working in my studio the most and getting lost in time with my paintbrushes. But I can work anythwhere and if there is a good wifi connection then that is a bonus.

So I made a list, of all the places I want to go and things I want to see and also achieve. I want to see how far I can get in the next 12 months. It was this that got me out of the slumps. No plane ticket needed (not this time) just a set of goals to help me work on achieving my dreams.

Lets see how I go. This blog is an opportunity for me to check in and look back at how I am progressing, with both my travel list and with my work, as they both feed into each other.

First up on my list. Hong Kong. I’ve already started packing….