The Summer of 2020 is one I think we will all remember, but for myself, it is definitely not for the usual Summer holidays.

At the start of lock down, way back in early Spring (which to me feels forever ago…) I was invited to be included in two separate exhibitions, both focusing on Fashion Illustration. These wonderful opportunities gave me a creative outlet and focus, which in hindsight helped me focus on something beyond that madness of 2020. And perhaps most importantly two deadlines – and I now know there is nothing quite as effective as an exhibition deadline to keep a creative on track!

I kept a record of my works in progress on my Instagram throughout lock down and I shared the final pieces. Some of which then headed off to Europe, and were shown next to some wonderful illustrators.
I loved creating original pieces and for once not scanning and altering artwork – it helped build my confidence and also reignited my love of painting and experimenting. I think working commercially for so long it is easy to fall into habits that are ‘safe’ but with original paintings these require far more considered brush strokes. This gave me opportunity to work in a far more expressive and sensitive manner that I had for some time. And it has lead me to create some more original pieces – see here for more.
The first group exhibition was  at Acid Gallery in beautiful city of Lille, France, and the second was at Haze Gallery in one of my favourite European cities – Berlin.
Despite all the huge restrictions and obstacles both Fashion Illustration exhibitions were a success. New pieces were created, shipped and then sold. And under such restricted circumstances I think if makes it all the more fulfilling for everyone involved
Huge thanks to Eric and Emma at Acid Gallery,  and Irina at Haze.
I have included  photographs taken at the launches of both exhibitions. Along with my final pieces – and more of my fashion work – click here.