Beginnings and why bothers…

Beginnings and why bothers…

Truth be told I have always been wary of starting a blog – it’s a word thats been thrown around, and so many claim to be ‘bloggers’ or now even ‘vloggers’ that I am under no illusion – to be a blogger is a full time job, and like anything that you want to do because you love it, it takes 120% devotion, and all your time. And my thing is making pictures.

However, recently I have noticed that writing is becoming an outlet for me. I have always wanted to explore and it, and now it actually feels it would be a natural addition to my work. A diary of my thoughts, fears and adventures. An opportunity to say how my week has been. The exciting ones, the travel filled ones, the late night ones and early mornings, and even the ones when frankly picking up a paintbrush feels like the last thing I want to do. I think the last time I wrote a diary of sorts I was a teenager, and I’d like to think a lot has changed since then!

I have battled a series of ‘why bother’ thoughts on this. But what I kept coming back to is why not? For the reasons I mention above, and what if it gave me opportunity to engage with other creatives. As being a creative is wonderful, there are many, many perks – but with the perks comes challenges. And I wanna talk about them. So this is me kicking things off a conversation. And letting go of the why bothers, instead opting for seeing where this new beginning may take me. And what I might learn about myself and others along the way.

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