Lunar Exhibition

Lunar Exhibition

A favourite work spot of mine in Cape Town is Ground Art Café, on Strand Street, just at the beginnings of my old neighbourhood De Waterkant. It’s got a great team, some seriously great green tea (I don’t drink coffee but I know from other coffee drinkers theirs is very, very good) great music and perhaps most importantly in Cape Town, a city with not the best wifi in the world, there is pretty darn good. So when I was given the opportunity to exhibit some silkscreen prints it felt like a nice natural fit.

Luanr, Caroline Tomlinson


‘Lunar’ is unlike all my other work. No faces and its not fashion. Instead it is me exploring more abstract expressive mark making, and this a series of six prints. The marks were inspired by the the moon, and its phases. I wanted to explore the notion of travel which is appearing increasingly in my work, but take it beyond airplanes and far flung destinations. The moon is forever moving through its cycle, always returning to the same destination. Its journey we witness here on Earth with its phases and energy impacting on us all daily. These two colour silkscreen prints are inspired by this journey, and were the start of a visual exploration into balance and energy.

So I landed back in Cape Town straight from LA, on the morning of March 2nd and the show opened that evening, a First Thursdays in Cape Town.

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