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Jan 1, 2021 | Working Week

The beautiful Basset Hound illustrated- click here to shop all my dog prints.

After 2020 – the year of lock down – the dog has become all the more present and vital to so many of us. They give us all so much love, laughter and purpose. Myself included.

My daily walks with my little Oscar have always been a constant highlight in daily life. However, during 2020 they became far more necessary than just stepping out for some air and stretching legs. They became head space and sanity on a much larger scale than before.

And so with that in mind I decided I would finally kickstart a project that I had been thinking of for some time. Illustrating man’s best friend. Capturing and celebrating them in all their shapes and sizes.

As some one once said. We do not deserve dogs.


The British Bulldog illustrated- click here to shop prints.

The wonderful whippet illustrated- click here to shop prints.

After posting some of my prints and work in progress of my illustrated dogs I have had many people contact me regarding commisions. If you would like a custom illsutration of your four legged friend please email me

The little Italian Greyhound illustrated- click here to shop prints.

One of the most requested dogs – the French Bulldog Illustrated – click here to shop prints.

More dogs of all breeds to come!

French Bulldog illustrated

To see more of my sketches and work in progress – click here.