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Review – Ca Na Xica, Ibiza, for Mr & Mrs Smith Hotels

Apr 27, 2018 | Wanderlust, Writing for Others

There are few things more disheartening than the dwindling days of summer in London. But the turtlenecks and trench coats would have to wait. Mr Smith and I were bound for southern Europe: one last summer swansong in search of warm days and blue skies. We craved a pool, great food and a destination that lent itself to relaxation, so Ibiza was settled on.

Now, before you go waving your glow sticks at me, I am aware that this notion may be a contradiction on this celebrated party isle. But today, Ibiza is as much about R&R as it is about bars and clubs. Especially if, like me, you traded-in all-night dancing for early-morning downward dogs long ago.

Bidding goodbye to London, we headed for sangrias and sunshine. A short drive from the airport transported us to the understated entrance of Ca Na Xica, set in a bucolic patch just outside Sant Miquel de Balansat, in the island’s yoga-loving, hippy-leaning northern hinterland. So far, so chic – it emerged like a beautiful secret, tucked away in the olive groves.

This former country estate has been converted into a luxurious hotel and spa, with impeccable service. Greeted with warm smiles, we immediately swapped our bags for bubbles, during one of the most blissful check-ins I can remember.

It soon became apparent that the focal point of Ca Na Xica is lounging poolside. And what a pool… The equivalent of an aquatic catwalk, it’s framed by a symmetrical line of manicured trees on either side, surrounded by landscaped gardens. Oversized daybeds and shaded nooks abound, meaning you’re never far from being horizontal (expertly-crafted cocktail in hand).

Our room was in keeping with the rest of the hotel: light, spacious and considered. All suites have private terraces or balconies and ours overlooked some olive trees. A quick change out of our northern European clothing and it didn’t take us long to hit the outdoor hot tub and spa. My feet needed to be returned to their former open-sandal glory and Mr Smith needed a cocktail, a steam room, a sauna and a hot tub (though, not necessarily in that order). Within minutes, we were both happily ensconced, relaxed and dutifully unwinding.

Come nightfall, we decided to explore the old port for dinner, starting with drinks at sunset. Part of Ibiza’s capital, the fortified Dalt Vila, is now a World Heritage site where culture and clubs sit happily side by side.

Rising early next morning – refreshingly clear of head – we walked through Ca Na Xica’s gardens, bathed in golden sunlight, and made our way to breakfast. The restaurant’s design is all about simplicity, natural light and glass. First at the table, then after migrating to a sofa, we’d very much slowed down in its idyllic confines. There was no rushing through this meal: you’ll want to take it all in, especially the people-watching. At Ca Na Xica, the morning clientele arrive as polished as the night before, dressed in designer kaftans.

We made the most of our lazy last morning, indulging in the breakfast buffet, which guided us from fresh fruit through to cured meats, delicious cheeses, pastries and breads of endless variety (the tomato bread became a favourite).

Like Ibiza itself, Ca Na Xica is effortless, chic and doesn’t try too hard, with focus on enjoying life. Which is why it’s the perfect base. It’s all of those things and more, with attentive staff who endlessly try to make your stay perfect. As soon as summer returns, so will we.