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Studio Move. I am now in Shoreditch.

Jun 26, 2018 | Working Week

Back in April, (yes it’s really taken me this long. This isn’t procrastination –  I’ve been really busy) I moved studios.

After moving back to London last May, I landed in Dalston – in a really great spot sharing with a big bunch of talented, successful and very inspiring illustrators.

It was my first ever London studio and it really helped in more ways than I could have ever imagined. Far beyond the obvious of not working from home all alone (yup, did that once, won’t be doing that again thanks)  For me, working in a shared space with fellow creatives did far more than keep loneliness at bay. I found it deeply inspiring that everyone (very diligently I might add) did their own thing, their passion, and did it well, very, very well. And were paid for it. PAID TO DRAW. Without a doubt the stuff of my dreams.

And that kept me motivated even in those times when motivation was low.

But most important of all it kept me questioning what I was doing and where I wanted to be. This constant questioning kept me on my toes, and collectively, and without really even meaning too, they all pushed me into stepping up my game. And for that, I am deeply grateful.

It also made me think about my process.  I was one of only two in the space who picked up a paintbrush. Digital creation ruled. I was undoubtedly the messy one in the corner. And very gradually I felt a pressing need to quite literally start fully embracing my mess.

With that niggle in mind, I quite literally stumbled upon my new Studio. At the time, had I been asked what my wishlist for a studio was, I would have said the following:-

  1. Walking distance to our apartment and Central London
  2. More space to make my mess/work
  3. Inspiring creatives who also embrace the mess
  4. Silkscreen printing facilities
  5. Oh and maybe a roof terrace….

So truth be told No. 5 wouldn’t have crossed my mind. But! BUT! My new spot has it all. And it’s been really interesting noticing how much of an effect my workspace, as though by osmosis, has had on my inky and very hands on the process.

Here it is in all her glory. 15 Boot Street, Shoreditch. Come in for a cuppa.
Or an after work wine on the roof.